Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let's Build a Matrix 4: Taking Unwanted Stuff Along

In Let's Build a Matrix 1 we talked about Who's Important.

In Let's Build a Matrix 2 we talked about unwanted stuff that can show up and get in the way of moving toward who's important.

In Let's Build a Matrix 3 we talked about the behaviors we do to move away from unwanted experiencing.

Now in Let's Build a Matrix 4 we talk about what we can do AND take the unwanted experiencing along for the ride. We label the right side of the horizontal line "Toward."

In this example someone has sais, "I could talk to my family about an issue, taking fear along."

Another said, "I could go to a movie with friends even though I'm feeling tired and want to go to bed."

Next time we will started training the Toward and Away discrimination.


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