Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let's Build a Matrix 3: What we do to move away from unwanted experiencing

In Let's Build a Matrix 1 we talked about the people who are important to us.

In Let's Build a Matrix 2 we talked about the stuff that shows up inside of us that might get in the way of moving toward who's important to us.

Now we collaborate around the stuff that we do to move Away from unwanted experiences going on inside of us.

I usually start with moving Away from Fear as an example, and about the same time write "Away" just above the left side of the horizontal line.

Then we have a conversation about the behaviors we do to move away from unwanted stuff like fear, anger, sadness and such.

I usually connect the unwanted stuff and the behavior with an arched line like you see in the drawing. This is the beginning of a discussion about the "unworkable change agenda" we will have later if we have enough time.

Any behavior can be used to move away, so you see 'meditation' showing up as an away move. A popular 'away' move not on the board is drinking alcohol, but it usually makes it up there in the presentations I do.

In Let's Build a Matrix 4 we draw attention back to the Toward side of the diagram.


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