Monday, February 20, 2012

Noticing Recovery

Noticing Recovery is my tweaking of the Matrix and (Visual Wellness Plan) to fit the "Recovery" language used in several treatment settings, including the U.S. Veterans Affairs hospital system. While recovery is often associated with substance abuse recovery, in this case it refers to recovering from any stuck pattern of behaving that's taking someone out of valued living. 

The document you see below is suitable for waiting rooms, and I've made a poster of it so people can sit and stare at it. I also have some regular sized copies mixed in with the magazines. The poster and waiting-room handouts are simply meant to generate a bit of curiosity about the "Noticing Recovery" point of view. The person might even start to answer some of the questions while sitting in the waiting room, but this is certainly not required.

Beyond the waiting room we can start to fill in more of the information in the four quadrants and start noticing the difference between how it feels to move away and toward. For people who are particularly stuck in an 'Away' pattern, we can do additional work on the unworkable change agenda. We can also do more work on noticing who and what's important and behaviors that move toward. 

The number of meetings depends on how long it takes for a person to develop the big-picture-Noticing-Recovery point of view. 

Be well, 

Kevin L. Polk, Ph.D.

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