Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Perspective Taking - Behavioral Analysis

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I presented at EvoS at SUNY Binghamton yesterday. The podcast and presentation will be posted on the web, but I don't know when. I will let you know.

I've been noticing myself often calling the vertical line of the Matrix the "Perspective Taking" line and the horizontal line "Behavioral Analysis." It seems to me that many psychotherapies accidentally get at  those two processes, but there is a lot of content talk getting in the way. The Matrix routine, at least in my opinion. Gets right at those processes.

Some other things I've been repeating a lot...

  1. Toward and Away are simply behaviors. They are not right or wrong, we are looking for workability for valued living. Both toward and away are in the mix.
  2. The accuracy of the sort is not important, it's the experience of sorting that's important. The more important 'correct' sorting is to a person, the harder time they have with experiencing the sorting instead of focusing on the accuracy of the sort.
  3. The reward for the sorting needs to be fast. As soon as you see someone get into the experience, get excited.
  4. Practice saying "Yes....And" a lot, to almost everything.
  5. I'm getting the feeling that the Systems Redesign language of Lean Management (Americanized Toyota Management) is really important. Basically, intensely notice the values first, then notice the process (away and toward), and then focus on the people. Most 'bad' behaviors are due to unclear values and wasteful processes. Most people do fine once the values are clear and the processes are efficient. I'll keep working on that stuff.
  6. Group is more 'powerful' than individual work due to our social nature.
I have a discussion with the SUNY Evolution students today. I think I will start with the Psychological Flexibility Warm-Up.



I've been told that The Visual Wellness Plan does a really good job of presenting the Matrix. It's available here. Visual Wellness Plan

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