Matrix and Hexaflex

Matrix and Hexaflex

Here is a drawing showing the relationship between the five parts of the Hexaflex (Acceptance, Defusion, Present Moment Contact, Self-as-Context, Committed Action, and Values) and the Matrix.

At the center of all things ACT is Psychological Flexibility.

The five parts of the Hexaflex are often reduced to Let Go, Show Up and Get Moving.

The Matrix is an experience. It's for inviting people into a conversation that indirectly has the themes of Letting Go, Showing Up and Getting Moving.

For Example:

Who is important to you? invites us to begin to have a conversation about Getting Moving. At least what motivates us to get moving.

What's showing up and getting in the way? invites us to begin to have a conversation about Letting Go of the internal stuff that holds us back.

What have you been doing to move away from the unwanted internal stuff? continues the Letting Go conversation.

What can you do to move toward who's important while having the unwanted stuff? continues the Get Moving conversation.

Was that a Toward or Away move? These Toward/Away questions are the ongoing mantra of Matrix conversations. Each time we ask one of those questions we take a "step back" and take a look at life from a bigger picture, promoting Psychological Flexibility.

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