Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Matrix: Moving Toward Values in the Matrix

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Just in case you missed the Psychological Flexibility Warm Up... Take up and object and experience it through your five senses. Then put the object down and experiencing the same object in your mind. Then ask, is there a difference between my 5 senses experiencing of the object and my mental experiencing of the object? Then, who is noticing that difference? ("me")

Then recall what it feels like to move toward something important to you. Then what it feels like to move away from an unwanted mental experience like fear or sadness.

Again, who is noticing the difference between moving toward and moving away? ("me")

Next we will take a closer look at moving Toward.

Here are some common values:

Intimate Relations (marriage and such)

There are more, but that's a good start.

1. Choose one of those values you could move toward over the next year.

2. Choose one of those values you could move toward over the next 6 months.

3. Choose one of those values you could move toward over the next month.

4. Choose one of those values you could move toward over the next week.

5. Choose one of those values you could move toward for the rest of today.

6. Choose one of those values you could move

Did you notice your mind (mental experiencing) getting more and more involved as the time got shorter?

We talk of Values as Chosen Directions. Like east, you can move in a Valued Direction all of your life. Take, for example, Health: You can work out and eat right and get buff, but if you stop moving toward your health, it will deteriorate. Same with something like marriage. If you don't move toward your marriage each day, then the marriage will fall apart.

So a Value is a direction, not an ACTION. Actions are things you do to move you toward a value. Let's not make this complicated, actions are simply things like walking, talking, sitting, sleeping and eating. It's much easier to thing about,

Walking for my health,

Talking to my spouse,

Driving with my children.

So the next thing you do is take a look at the Value (or Values) you chose above and plan an action you could to do move you in that Valued direction. Remember, keep it simple. Make sure you or someone else could see you doing the action.

So your "homework" will be simple. You will either do or not do the planned valued action. Believe it or not, for these psychological flexibility exercises, it does not matter if you do or do not do the valued action. It is only necessary that you notice doing or not doing the valued action. Sometime later you will think about the valued action and notice if you did or did not do it. The moment you notice you will have done your psychological flexibility homework.

I will by posting a YouTube video of this Values Routine soon.

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P.S. Remember this stuff is not a replacement for professional help for serious problems. If you think you may need help, go in person to see a mental health professional.

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