Sunday, September 15, 2013

Getting 'Not Getting It'

I often send these tips out when I announce a webinar or other training event. This is the one I sent out in a 9/14/13 announcement.

I will strive to put the tips over here on the blog.

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ACT Matrix Tip:
Getting 'Not Getting It'

Most of the time when you show people the matrix (psychological flexibility point of view) they will 'Get It.' 

Occasionally a person will not 'Get It.' At these times you will probably have a strong urge to explain it until the person gets it. That urge is almost always a trap door into the cause and effect language that got the person stuck in the first place. 

The more workable response might be something like, "Cool, you're not getting it, that means you are where you need to be. I have found that people who are not getting it at this stage are in a great position for psychological flexibility and valued living."

Then go back to the process of the matrix.

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