Thursday, October 27, 2011

Automatic Mindfulness

Hi Folks,

I noticed that I forgot to mention "Automatic Mindfulness" during the conference call I just posted. Here is something like I would have said if I remembered:

  • The Matrix and it's routines are automatic mindfulness. You don't have to mention mindfulness because it's built into the process. When I ask, "Notice the difference between how it feels to move Away and move Toward," we all take a 'step back' from our experience of the language (the sentence I just wrote) and instead look back upon our experience, and that's mindful.

At least something like that.


I have recently read the book The Tree of Knowledge The Biological Roots of Human Understanding by Maturana and Varela and the paper Evolving the Future: Toward a Science of Intentional Change by Wilson, Hayes, Biglan, and Embr.

Way cool intellectual stuff ripe for putting into an experiential routine connected to the matrix diagram. I'll work out the routine and post on YouTube soon. At least that my current plan.

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