Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Name Change: ACT - the Matrix

Hi folks,

I changed the name of the blog to ACT-the Matrix to mesh with a facebook page by that name.

I also recorded and uploaded the Free ACT-the Matrix conference call to the ACBS website. I'm working on getting it on iTunes as a podcast. The link to ACBS is below. You will need to join ACBS to download the mp3, but joining is as little as $1.00 (values-based dues).

The book is at:

Be well,


Striving for Instant Access to Psychological Flexibility, 100% of the Time


Anonymous said...

I tried to find this page on facebook(ACT-the Matrix) but didn't find it.

Kevin Polk said...

I forgot that ACT -the Matrix is private. Just send me your facebook information to and I will add you if you like.