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The Matrix: Taking Pain to Passion

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The Matrix is a process for taking Pain (such as Feeling I'm not valued) into Passion (Feeling I'm valued). With just a bit of practice you can start transforming the Away moves associated with the pain of anxiety, frustration, and feeling overwhelmed into Toward moves with a sense of accomplishment and value. You will get that sense of Passion you've been looking for.

Pain to Passion
Taking Pain toward Passion

[The Matrix is simplified Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), and it's also called the Psychological Flexibility Model. Don't worry, you don't have to know any complicated words or do anything complicated. This is just to let you know that the Matrix is scientific, and you can look it up if you like.]

Like a "Learn to play piano in just a few minutes" lesson, the Matrix on this page lets you get into the basics of changing Pain into Passion quickly.

You would not know music theory after learning how to play a tune in just a few minutes, and this is much the same, however, it's relatively easy to learn the other stuff needed once you do the basic Matrix.

Here's how to get started changing  your Pain into Passion...

Step 1: Draw the following diagram on a piece of paper, whiteboard or chalkboard.

Basic Matrix for Web Page

Step 2: Then ask yourself four questions:

1. Who and what are important to me? Write the answers in the lower, right quadrant of the diagram.

2. What shows up inside of me (like fear) and gets in the way of moving toward who and what's important to me? Write the answer in the lower, left quadrant.

3. What behaviors (actions) do I often do to move Away from the stuff (like fear) that shows up inside of me? Write those in the upper, left.

4. What behaviors could I do to move Toward who (and what's) important to me? Write those in the upper, right.

Basic Matrix for Web Page Filled In

As you can see, I've filled a Matrix in with

"Family, Making a Difference and Feeling Valued/Passion" in the lower right,

"Fear, Feeling Devalued, Overwhelmed" in the lower left,

"Complain and Avoid" in the upper left, and

"Visit and Do what I Love" in the upper right.

You will of course fill in who and what's important, etc., but remember that Passion is very important.

The diagram (nicknamed the Matrix) and the answers to the four questions are a picture of your Psychological Flexibility point of view.

This is the point of view you use the transform Pain (like feeling devalued) into Passion toward who and what's important to you. 

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