Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Resolution: Finding Your Passion

Note: I received a comment from someone who thought I was referring to positive thinking in this post. This is not the case at all. This post is about thinking about who and what are important, and then taking action (making a move) toward who and what's important. Any kind of thinking (positive, negative or neutral) simply comes along while the action is taken. Just wanted to make that clear.



With the Holidays starting to wind down a lot of people will start thinking about New Years resolutions. Maybe some of you will resolve to find your passion(s) in life.

The fastest way I know of getting started toward finding your passion is choosing to do an action toward who or what's important to you instead of doing a typical away (avoiding) move.

Anyone who has read this blog, looked at one of my websites, listened in on one of my webinars, or met me in person knows that I use the Matrix diagram to take people to the point of choice between doing an away move or a toward move. (see below)

In the greater scheme of things, either an Away or a Toward choice is fine. However, over on the Toward side lies the world of positive reinforcement and the world of your passions. And it's a safe bet that the world of your passions is way cooler than the world of your avoidance. Great news! It's easy to get started noticing the difference between the rewards of avoidance and the rewards of passion.

The mistake millions (if not billions) of people make is spending a lot of time thinking about what their passion might be. That just wont work. Most people that I work with (and that includes me) discover that sitting around thinking about what might be a passion is really just another Away move. I find that sitting and thinking feels safer than doing something that might not work out and feels a bit risky and unsafe.

Try this out: Write down who and what's important to you (use the lower, right of the Matrix if you like). Then write down what you might do to move Toward who or what's important in the upper right. Then write "feeling unsafe" in the lower left of the Matrix. Finally, write "Sitting and thinking (about what I might be passionate about)" in the upper left as a way of moving Away from the feeling of unsafe.

When you get a chance, choose and do a Toward move instead of sitting around thinking and feeling safe. Notice the feelings of Toward vs the feeling of Away.

With a little practice you might just feel your road to passion.

And now for your mind...

If you are like most people, your mind will quickly kick in with "That's too simple" thoughts, "You need to give some serious thought to what your passionate about," says the mind. Just remember that it's your mind telling you that. Take those thoughts with you while making a move toward who and what's important.

Making a move toward Passion.



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