Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Riding the Bicycle of Psychological Flexibility Training

The "target" at the center of both the Matrix and ACT is psychological flexibility. That's why I often call what I do, "Psychological Flexibility Training." It could also be called "Teaching Psychological Flexibility," but that does not seem as catchy.

While telling people how to be psychological flexible might work, it's probably a lot better to demonstrate psychological flexibility. It's much like the difference between telling someone how to ride a bicycle and showing them by riding a bicycle.

When you use the Matrix diagram you are riding the bicycle of psychological flexibility.

Think of any word and fill in this blank ______________.

Now take that word and sort it into the Matrix above.

Is it more of a sensory word, or more of a mental word?
Is it more of a Toward word, or more of an Away word?

Said another way, how would you sort that word into the Matrix diagram?

The word I thought of was "procrastination." (If you've been to one of my presentations, you will know that 'procrastination' is my favorite word.)

So where does 'procrastination' sort?

Is it more Sensory of Mental? Hmm. In the present moment my experience of that word feels like it's in upper part of the Mental realm, maybe on the 'x' of Psychological Flexibility in the diagram above.

For the horizontal sort my current experience of 'procrastination' is on the Toward side, maybe right about on the 'y' of Psychological Flexibility in the diagram above.

Where would you sort your current experience of the word 'procrastination'?

When you notice someone use the word 'procrastination' in the future, you might pause and notice where it sorts.

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Psychological Flexibility Training:

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