Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Matrix with Substance Use Disorders: Noticing Toward and Away

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We just finished up another great webinar, The Matrix with Substance Use Disorders. Really, it's for anyone even at risk for substance abuse to someone who is severely addicted. ACT and the Matrix are very scalable, which simply means you use the same process over a wide range of "stuckness."

BTW: ACT is also a-diagnostic.

Anyway, one of the take aways from the webinar was when a participant asked about someone who might want to move Toward a person who's important, and at the same time the person is a "trigger."

This is a hook that we all have from time to time--the very act of moving toward can put us at risk for getting (or staying) stuck in an unworkable pattern.

As I noted during the webinar, these are times for intense noticing. Noticing the feeling of the person being important. Noticing the trigger. Noticing the cravings if they show up. Noticing the urge to move away and to move toward. While it's sort of heavy lifting in the Noticing department. It's noticing well spent.

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Kevin L. Polk, Ph.D.

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