Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Interest in Horse Whisperers

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You may have noticed that I recently posted about a webinar with "Horse Whisperers" in the title. I thought I would tell you of my interest...

I was recommended the documentary "Buck" and I snatched it up and watched it. Buck Brannaman was the consultant for the Robert Redford film, "The Horse Whisperer." "Buck" the documentary is excellent and worth watching.

First, horse whisperers claim no magic or that they "whisper" anything. They describe it as a learned skill and teach others. They are part of the Natural Horsemanship movement that strives to treat horses with kindness and respect. They direct the horse's natural tendencies as a herd animal. Their results are remarkable, but they are in the minority in the horse world. The really good "hands" as they are called have learned to exquisitely notice horses, and especially horses that they are working with or riding. When working with troubled horses they respond to a change for the better instantly. They respond to Toward movements instantly as well. I'm sure what they have done is watch horses so much they can predict what the horse is going to do, and then influence the behavior toward workability.

What I noticed is that some of the colleagues I work with have this exquisite ability to notice people on both the verbal and nonverbal level. When people move Away they deftly change the nature of the Away move and ultimately defuse. They instantly notice and reward moves Toward values.

Of course people are choosing what values they want to move toward, while the horses are being somewhat directed by the horse person. Still, these natural horse folks talk and write of a unity with horses that is transcendental. It's mindfulness to the max.

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