Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sorting Stories

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2. Sorting Stories

Now that you know the Matrix diagram, we can sort stories. [If you don't know the diagram, just go back a few posts and read the "Building a Matrix" series.]

Sorting stories can be a lot of fun, and the web has millions of them to sort. As we all know, however, the web can grow mean in a hurry, and we don't want to add to the mean. Let's set some ground rules for sorting stories.

a. No sorting by judgment. It's really tempting to call behaviors "good" or "bad." Good and bad are judgments and are not part of Matrix sorting. I'm not saying there are not good and bad behaviors, we just don't sort that way when using the Matrix diagram. Don't worry, your mind will think good and bad, just notice that and move on to sorting by intent (toward or away).

b. Same with "right" and "wrong," except this time it's about your sorting. If you were to sort languaging into sensory or sensory into languaging, no harm done. The workability of that sort will show up soon enough. Same with Away and Toward. Lots of behaviors have a bit of both and it's easy to notice a behavior as Toward when the intent was a bit more on the Away side. Again, no harm done, the workability of the sort will show up soon enough.

Next time I will choose a story from the web and sort it.


You can post your suggestions for a story to sort below.

Be Well,


Kevin L. Polk, Ph.D.


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